G-Flame Power Upgrade

Product information

The G-Flame Power Upgrade is a cartridge holder with an additional quick coupler, which can be plugged into the standard cartridge holder. This allows the usage of a total number of four cartridges instead of the usual two cartridges. The additional cartridges increase the flame height* to approx. 8 m.

Application fieldsIndoor, Outdoor and SFX
Fuels– 2 gas cartridges bottles with 600 ml
– 2 aerosol cartridges with 500 ml
Fuel cartridges integrated in the deviceYes, hidden under the cover sheet of the housing and not visible from outside
Flame heightapprox. 8 m
Adjustable flame heightYes, with shut-off valves
Quick couplersYes
Fuel shut-off valves for cartridgesYes, 2 pc.
Non-return valvesYes, 2 pc.
Included in deliveryHousing, cartridge holder with quick couplers
Available accessoriesNozzle for liquid gas
HousingAluminum with durable powder coating in matte black color
Usage in heavy rainfall possibleYes
Dimensions115 x 300 x 340 mm
Net weight2.8 kg
  • Nozzle for liquid gas
  • Gas Canisters

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